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Friday, February 18

Save Money on Pool Cost

The Eco-Flow-C by H2Flow Controls Inc (Formerly Emotron) is revolutionizing Variable Speed Drives as a pool pump specific Variable Frequency Drive. For institutional pools, such as any High School, YMCA, YWCA, University or College, one of the major costs in operating your pool is the amount of electricity it takes to run the pump.

FOR EXAMPLE: Based on the following average parameters:
  1. 7.5 Hp pool pump with 85% efficiency rating
  2. 24 hrs/day 365 days/yr. operation
  3. .10 per Kilowatt - hour rate
This pool pump's electrical operation can cost between $5,764.00/year. ($8,646.00/year @ .15 per KW Hr.) Again, these numbers are based on operating a pool pump 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week.

With the Eco-Flow-C Variable Frequency Drive reducing the speed of the motor just 20%, you will save $2,698.00 per year @ .10 per KW Hr. ($4,091.00 per year @ .15 per KW Hr.)

My experience has been, in order to maintain the state's recommended turnover rate (in Tennessee it is every 6 hours), I am able to slow the pump down, on average, about 35%. Using the same  parameters as above, the energy savings changes dramatically.

At .10 per Kilowatt-hour the savings per year is $4,099.00 ($6,149.00 per year at .15 per kilowatt-hour). So the Eco-Flow-C by H2Flow Controls a real energy saving tool for your swimming pool.

Imagine being able to reduce your costs to operate your swimming pool by $4,000.00 per year. This is actual costs savings too. It can be monitored on the display of the Eco-Flow-C. I have seen times where the owner or operator has worked hard to save just $400.00 in Chemical Costs. In a time where operating a swimming pool is becoming more and more expensive, every little bit helps. Saving a large amount in your pool costs helps tremendously.

H2Flow Controls Inc. has partners around the country, willing to visit your site, do an actual On-Site Energy Audit, producing accurate numbers from the information you give them and the researched information each partner has for your area. Each partner is factory trained to give you the hard data you need to make a solid energy saving decision.

The Eco-Flow-C has many other options available, which are swimming pool pump specific such as constant flow monitoring to make sure the flow is increased as the filter dirties, therefore always maintaining the state required turnover rate.

Contact me, The Pool Guy @ Energy Audits or Mike Low @ H2Flow Energy Audits, National Sales Manager fro H2Flow Controls Inc. to schedule your On-Site Energy Audit today.

Here is a link to the Eco-Flow-C by H2Flow Controls inc.:  Eco-Flow-C

Make a move today to begin immediately saving on the costs to operate your swimming pool.

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