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Thursday, March 7

New FlowVis (NFS 50 Certified) Flowmeter offers Accuracy, Reliabiilty, NO Installation Restrictions

 The FlowVis by H2Flow Controls Inc. (formerly Emotron) has arrived on the market with many of the issues of other models resolved. It has also received NSF 50 Certification and is as accurate as a digital flow meter.

Finally we have an accurate, reliable, and affordable Flow Meter for the pool industry. The FlowVis is two products in one, both a flow meter and a check valve. It also will display your velocity, showing between 5fps, 7 fps, and 9 fps.

The FlowVis has NO RESTRICTIONS on installation regarding the distance from Turns and "T"'s. No longer are 90's, 45's and T's an issue.Other models  of flow meters required 10 times the pipe diameter before the flow meter and 5 times the diameter after the flow meter for a basic read of flow. For a 2" installation this totals 30" of straight run, free and clear plumbing pipe. ( 10 x 2" + 5 x 2" = 30"). I know for most of  us in a tight equipment room, this can be a rarity.

The FlowVis Flow Meter has no restrictions regarding the location of the flow meter. It can be installed between two 90 degree turns and still give an accurate reading. The is revolutionary for the pool industry.

In this day and time for our industry, where Variable Speed Pumps are becoming the industry standard, (and soon, more than likely the requirement), it has never been more important to get an accurate read on the flow of you pool, spa, or water feature. Without an accurate flow rate, your pool can quickly become a mess.

The FlowVis flow meter allows you to quickly install, accurately read the flow rate, and set your new variable speed to the correct speed to maintain the required flow.

For more information on the FlowVis, see here: FlowVis Info Where to Buy or email me : FlowVis

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