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Sunday, February 10

Where to buy the H2Flow Controls Flow Vis® Flow Meter with Check Valve

I have been asked quite often, "Where can I get the new H2Flow Controls  FlowVis® Flow Meter with Check Valve?" Since this has become the only NSF Certified flow meter for swimming pools, there has been a lot of demand for them. The FlowVis®, by H2Flow Controls is easy to install since there are NO installation restrictions. You can actually put the FlowVis® right between two 90 degree elbows and the flow meter still reads as accurately as a digital meter.

Anyway, there are a few of choices of where to get the FlowVis®, but to make it simple, I have added some buttons to purchase the Flow Vis® by H2Flow Controls right here:

For the Retrofit Kit for an Existing Jandy Valve 2" - 2.5" or 1.5" pipe

$143.00 each Including shipping
Choose Size:
Retro Fit FlowVis for Existing Jandy Valve

For the Complete FlowVis, including Valve Body, for a 2" - 2.5" or 1.5" pipe

$184.00 each Including shipping

Choose size
I hope you find this helpful. If you would like to contact me directly, with any questions, email me here: FlowVis Questions
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