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Monday, February 7

Emotron Rebrands as H2Flow Controls Inc.

Emotron has re-branded itself as H2Flow Controls Inc. All the products which have worked so well are still available.

One of my favorites, the PSP20 Automatic Pump Shutoff, is still being used by many as the main choice for the secondary layer of protection for the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool And Spa Safety Act (VGB). Pools with a single main drain or drains less than 3 feet apart are turning to the PSP20 as the solution of choice.

Many operators early on went with an SVRS, such as the Stingle or VacLess (currently under recall), only to find out there are many false triggers and problems vacuuming the pool.

For a solid, trouble free solution to your secondary layer of protection needs, I only recommend the PSP20 by H2Flow Controls Inc. (formerly Emotron).

Contact me here: PSP20 for more information. If you have a VacLess SVRS, which has an outstanding recall, and want a different solution or you are unhappy and frustrated with the SVSR false triggers. Contact me to see what we can do to assist you.

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