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Sunday, March 1

Spring Swimming Pool Opening

Well the pool season is upon us and many people are beginning to consider when to open their swimming pool. My experience and knowledge leads me to recommend an earlier than May opening date. There are quite a few reasons for this, so I'll just list a few.

  1. The cooler the weather, the less likely algae will begin to grow and "set up home". Many people make the mistake of waiting until the weather is warm enough to swim before uncovering their pool, only to find a thick algae bloom greeting them, thus prompting the need for more pool chemicals and labor to clear the water.
  2. If you can get a jump on circulating your water through your pool filter in early spring, your opening costs will be substantially less because more than likely less chemicals will be needed to battle the microrganism growth. Remember, pool critters love unbalanced and unsanitized, warm water.
  3. Most pool companies consider the "busy season" to be, late April through September. If you contact and schedule us to come prior to then, I am confident you will receive a discounted opening.

It is best not to delay your pool opening. The costs of operating your pool pump for an additional few weeks will pale in comparison to cleaning up an algae bloom.

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