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Monday, December 29

H2Flow Controls Inc. (formerly Emotron) PSP20: Great Solution for Single Main Drain pools

I have found a great solution for an additional layer of protection for all single main drain pools. It is a product manufactured by H2Flow Controls Inc (formerly Emotron).

According to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), an automatic pump shut-off system would be a device that could sense a drain blockage and shut off the pump system. The Emotron PSP20, which falls into this category, uses shaft load as a sensor to monitor the load on the motor.

The PSP20 from H2Flow Controls Inc. (formerly Emotron)
is a simple cost effective secondary shut-off device to prevent swimming pool and spa entrapment.

A few of the things I really like about the PSP20 are:

A)The PSP20 does not require plumbing into the suction or replacement of the existing pump or motor. The PSP20 is simply connected in series between the pump electrical supply and motor and monitors pump motor Horse Power, which changes in direct proportion to pump load. During a drain blockage, the pump motor load drops. When the PSP20 AutoSet trip level is exceeded for one second, the PSP20 shuts off the pump.

B)The PSP20 is available in three standard models for pump motors rated up to 25 Amps: 1)PSP20-10 for 110V; 2)PSP20-20 for single and three phase 208/230V; 3)PSP20-40 for three phase 460V. Other SVRS's either don't offer a three phase solution or require a separate three phase contactor, enclosure, conduit, etc. These additional items can significantly increase the project cost.

C)There is no distance limitation for the PSP20, which is connected in series between the output wires from the pump control and the motor cables. This makes the PSP20 particularly appealing for cramped installations, where maintaining hose straightness can be a problem with other SVRS's.

D)It does not introduce air into the system. The introduction of air into a system can possibly reduce pump life and will require constant monitoring and recalibration.

E)Unlike SVRS based principles, the PSP20 is impervious to the effects of filter backwashing, pool vacuuming and in-floor cleaning systems. There is no need to disable the PSP20’s protection during these activities – thereby eliminating another layer of system complexity.

Features of the PSP20 include:

1. An approved secondary method of protection by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) - 'Automatic Pump Shut-Off Device'
2. Meets ASME A112.19.17 standard, titled Manufactured Safety Vacuum Release Systems (SVRS) for Residential and Commercial Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, and Wading Pool Suction Systems
3. UL508A approved – critical for many regions of the USA
4. Over 350,000 units installed on pumps around the world
5. Simple installation (less than 1 hour)
6. Quick and simple setup (less than 2 minutes)
7. Models available for all voltages >25 Amps
8. Responds to a blockage in less than 1 second
9. Safe, reliable and repeatable monitoring
10. No nuisance trips
11. Suitable for both single and 3-phase pumps
12. No modifications to existing piping or controls
13. Lowest overall cost of ownership

Click here to directly contact H2Flow Controls Inc. (formerly Emotron): H2Flow Controls Contact
Or here to reach me directly: PSP20 Assistance

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