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Saturday, November 29

Reducing Energy Costs for a Pool

Many times I get asked the question: "How much will it cost to heat my pool?" Obviously there a number of variables involved when calculating the cost to heat a pool. You must consider the heat source, gas VS electric heat pump. Also, the size of the pool's surface area, total volume of water, climate, average wind speed across the water's surface, and various other conditions which affect pool temperature. Keep in mind, 70% of the heat lost is due to evaporation, 20% to radiation to the sky, and 10% is losses to the ground and other.

The U.S. Department of Energy offers a wonderful source for estimating the cost to heat and maintain pool temperature. Follow this link to find the cost to heat with an electric heat pump in your area: Electric Heat Pump Pool Costs These figures are based on a 1,000 sq. ft. outdoor heated pool with an air to water heat pump with an average COP of 5.0 at $.85/kwh.

For a gas heater look here: Gas Heater Pool Costs

These figures are based on a 1,000 sq. ft., outdoor heated pool with an 80% efficient natural gas heaterat $.50 per therm.

The area closest to my location is Atlanta, GA. It shows an average cost of using a heat pump of $840 @ 78 degrees, $1,100 @ 80 degrees and $1,425 @ 82 degrees. With a gas heater the figures are considerably higher: $1,704; $2,248; and $2,880 respectively. Either way, that is a whopping 59% increase for just a 4 degree rise in temperature!

For a solar heating collector, you must first make sure it is sized correctly; then you need to estimate the cost including installation. Once this is done you can calculate a collector's energy output per dollar invested. The formulas are lengthy, but you can find them here: Pool Solar Heating Formulas

Not so suprising, you can significantly reduce your energy cost by using a cover. The charts listed above show the average cost of heating with a cover also. In my example, the cost to heat a pool with a gas heater and a cover drops drastically: $320 @ 78 degrees, $424 @ 80 degrees, and $592 @ 82 degrees! An almost 500% REDUCTION in heating costs.

With the average cost of an automatic safety cover for a 1,000 sq. ft. pool being around $10,000, it would take less than 5 years to pay for the cover in heat savings alone. Plus you get the huge safety benefit, along with the water (between 30 & 50% make up water) and chemical consumption (35-65%) savings. I suppose this is why the popularity of automatic safety covers are on the rise.

For more information on Automatic Safety Covers click here: Coverstar

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